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Questions & Answers from our Sublimation Expert

We may have the answers to your questions.
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Print Quality
What can I do when my colors are transferring incorrectly?
Why am I experiencing poor print quality?
Why am I experiencing poor black color intensity?
What can I do about the streak across my image?
What can I do if the colors in my transferred image are incorrect?
Why does my printout appear really light on paper?
What can I do when my colors appear light & splotchy?
What can I do when my transferred image looks blurred?
Vertical lines are misaligned or vertical banding appears. How can I correct this?
Why don’t the colors displayed on the monitor match the printed colors?
Is there anything I can do to shorten the extremely long spool times I am experiencing?
Why does my printout get cut off on the bottom or side?
The Paper Out light is flashing on my printer. What’s wrong?
The Paper Out light is on solid on my printer. What’s wrong?
The black, yellow, magenta, or cyan Ink Out light is flashing or on solid. Is that ok?
Why won’t the paper feed?
I turned off the printer during the initial ink charging cycle because I thought it was taking too long. When I turned it back on, the charging cycle continued. What should I do?
How can I tell if a cartridge is empty?
I have a constant problem with my inks clogging & have to perform 5 or 6 cleanings every time I want to print a transfer. Is this normal?
Are the ink cartridges refillable?
Heat Press
My image looks good, but it washes out. What should I do?