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                                        TableMat by Rowmark

The clamp-less, vacuum-less & adhesive-less way
to hold your work piece in place!



Looking to increase productivity and decrease labor and clean-up with your engraving and lasering jobs?

Look no further than the Seklema TableMat, the latest innovation in engraving system set-up for sign and award professionals!

The Seklema TableMat is a multi-purpose "tack-down" mat engineered for laser and computerized engraving machines, routers or any applications that require a non-clamp set-up method.

A usable two-sided design doubles the product life! Expect up to years of productive use with proper care and daily cleaning.

  Seklema Instructions:
  1) Clean your engraving table of dust, oils, engraving
chips, etc.
2) Adjust your spindle travel to allow for depth of mat.
3) Place Seklema TableMat on engraving table. Using tape to secure is optional, but not necessary.
4) Place engraving material on top of Seklema TableMat and begin engraving. Let Seklema go to work speeding up your production and efficiency!
5) Remove engraving material from mat and repeat process.
6) Clean Seklema TableMat regularly with water and a lint-free cloth. This helps keep your mat in its original form and engraving to the accurate depth.

Seklema Care Instructions:
Clean your Seklema TableMat with water and a lint free cloth. After cleaning, your Seklema TableMat will experience a restored tack level.
  Seklema TableMat by Rowmark
Click here to access the product information sheet, also featuring Seklema Frequently Asked Questions 

Click here for Seklema TableMat SDS
Available Seklema Sizes:



TM1212 12" X 12"
(305mm x 305mm)
TM1224 12" X 24"
(305mm x 610mm)
TM1624 16" X 24"
(406mm x 610mm)
TM2424 24" X 24"
(610mm x 610mm)
TM2448 24" X 48"
(610mm x 1219mm)
Custom Sizes Available Upon Request