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  PaintPlus™ Primary and Safety
Paints and Kits
Answering the needs of today's sign-maker, Rowmark now offers two distinct custom blended acrylic paint kits in the PaintPlus™ Primary and Safety paint lines.

PaintPlus paints are acrylic non-toxic paints that are ideal for sign-making applications enhanced with custom color matching, multi-color and 3D effects. PaintPlus paints are specially formulated for color filling Rowmark's sub-surface (reverse engravable) products. The Primary line offers a wide range of colors that were selected to match twelve of the most popular colors found in Rowmark’s ADA Alternative and Ultra-Mattes product lines. The
Safety line of paints is formulated for applications where recognized safety or OSHA colors in signage are needed.

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  PaintPlus Primary        PaintPlus Safety

The smooth, rich colors provide excellent coverage and are self-sealing. PaintPlus paints are available in kits of twelve 2 fluid ounce (59,15 ml) or 8 fluid ounce (236,6 ml) jars, and may also be purchased individually. Kits include foam brush applicators and instructions for use.