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ARA Las Vegas International Awards Market

Thanks for a great show! Below are the design files used to create this
year's 2011 "World Class" trade show display.

ARA Las Vegas 2011
Category File (.pdf) CorelDraw X3
Make it Patriotic United States
  Make it Patriotic (USA flag) Make it Patriotic (USA flag)
  Baseball Baseball
  Directory Print-Outs Directory Print-Outs
  Go! St Louis Go! St Louis
  Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge
  Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty
  Statue of Liberty magnet Statue of Liberty magnet
Make it Distinctive Mexico
  Make it Distinctive (Mexican flag) Make it Distinctive    (Mexican flag)
  Aztec Calendar Stone Aztec Calendar Stone
  El Bano El Bano
  Mexican Tiles Mexican Tiles
  Precauciones Precauciones
  Travesias Travesias
Make it a G'Day Australia
  Make it a G'Day  (Australian flag) Make it a G'Day      (Australian flag)
  Caution Kangaroos Caution Kangaroos
  Life Preserver Life Preserver
  Life Vest Life Vest
  Lily Beach Lily Beach
  Opera House Tea Room Opera House Tea Room
  Sydney Medallion Sydney Medallion
  Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House
Make it Innovative Japan
  Make it Innovative (Japanese flag) Make it Innovative (Japanese flag)
  Japanese garden Japanese garden
  Karate Karate
  Lavatory Lavatory
  Safety Sign Safety Sign
  Temple Temple
Make it Magnifique France
  Make it Magnifique    (French flag) Make it Magnifique    (French flag)
  Closed Slopes Closed Slopes
  Eiffel Tower Eiffel Tower
  Eiffel Tower Door Eiffel Tower Door
  Hospital Directory Hospital Directory
  Keep off the Grass Keep off the Grass
  Le Louvre Le Louvre
  Toilettes Toilettes
Make it Traditional India
  Make it Traditional    (Indian flag) Make it Traditional      (Indian flag)
  Banyan Tree Banyan Tree
  Bus Sign Bus Sign
  Family Restroom Family Restroom
  Taj Mahal Hours Taj Mahal Hours
  Urdu Urdu
Make it Unbeatable Canada
  Make it Unbeatable (Canadian flag) Make it Unbeatable (Canadian flag)
  Canada Directional Canada Directional
  Quebec Quebec
  Stanley Cup Stanley Cup
  We are Canadiens We are Canadiens