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LaserGlow customer testimonials


Should you have anything you'd like to share, feel free to email your comments to
  “We are quite impressed with the durability of luminosity [of LaserGlow]. What we are most happy with in terms of use and application is being able to have this as a choice for ADA appliqué material. It is a good choice to have.”  

Dave Worden – Superior Engraving


I put the LaserGlow to the test today, it cut or fabricated well with the safety saw and the laser. It engraved well with both also and the paint fill looked pretty good. I can see the use for safety signs and the like. I could also see using it along with sign vinyl, this may lend it self to more applications. I am also thinking that we could use the ADA thickness for custom shapes, either for give aways to school kids for a good report card or something, I know my kids schools are always looking for inexpensive incentive gifts for the kids.”


John Lawler – Quality Rubber Stamp, Inc.

  I was particularly excited to see the sample of your new LaserGlow product. I have done several jobs already having to use IPI’s product. I can’t wait to sell yours. This is something that will transpire gradually over the next several years in the New York / New Jersey area as people begin to bring present facilities into compliance.”  

Tom Rutkowski – Rutko Engraving Systems

  “We made two signs – a reverse engraved EXIT paint filled with black. We found that the material was very easy to engrave. We also tested the glow factor and found that the material is really bright and keeps its photoluminescent properties for a long period of time.

We used black ADA Alternative with the LaserGlow appliqué. The sign looks great – because of the contrast the depth of the letters seemed to increase which we though was neat.”

Dawn Kacpura-Gutierrez – Century Sign Builders

  “As soon as I got the [LaserGlow] plastic I held it up to the light and took it into the ladies room to see the glow. Wow - really cool. My first thought for us is the elder-care homes; we do signs for where lights are not on 24/7.”  

Margi Brownfield Swett – Vermont Trophy & Engraving, Inc.

  “We primarily manufacture ADA / Braille signs. We made one ADA sign and one subsurface sign. The [LaserGlow] material handles and fabricates much like the reverse Ultra-Mattes. The Raster Braille that we use worked great in the new material. I like the idea of a photoluminescent product and it fits nicely into our product line of architectural and ADA signage.”  

Scott Bigelow – Signs of our Times.