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FlexiBrass® & FlexiColor® customer testimonials


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"I just read your newsletter and am requesting your newest color chart and swatch book.  I use FlexiBrass as much as possible on my Universal laser and it has saved me hours of extra work versus my rotary engraving process.  Thank you for providing consistent quality products."


Ken Braswell – Braswell Trophy and Engraving

  “We have used [FlexiBrass] for quite some time in our shop in those instances where thickness or weight are important. We especially like 577, 677 and 937 for plaque work.”  

Dave Worden – Superior Engraving


“I have been using the [FlexiBrass and FlexiColor] for a long time. It lasers very well at low power/high speed and cuts on the laser cleanly and effortlessly. I have two primary, but very different, applications. One is for frame shops who, when putting the engraved plate UNDER the glass or even under the mat, like the thinness of it, the readability of it (as opposed to an acid-etched brass) and the fact that it will not scratch the glass when positioning it. The other application is for industrial labeling where a very thin label is needed either as an overlay for dials or switches or for positioning above or below a switch. While 1/16" is probably still the standard, I do have some companies that need or prefer the thinness of the material and prefer an engraved label over a mylar or printed label for its durability and permanence.  I also use it quite a bit for decorative plates (gold and silver) where a custom shape is needed and also for state shaped or other custom shaped plaques that need something other than the rectangular engraved plate. I have rotary engraved it also which works well but I find it much easier to work with and much more consistent on the laser due to the overall thinness of the material.”


Lyn Englert – Creative Graphics & Engraving

   “Flexibrass is one of the friendliest laser engraving materials we use. You can run high speeds without affecting the engraving quality. You can vector cut in one pass.  It does not get as "gummy" as other vector cut laser products. The ability to purchase with adhesive already installed is a plus. Great product for trophies and inexpensive awards. You can cut out the letters and apply to different substrates with ease.”  

Chris Vedrines, CRS – Advanced Graphic Engraving

  “[FlexiBrass] surface is very durable and allows for very clean engraving. We tested it with a very large front engrave and very small front engrave and the material performed exceptionally well on both – very clean.”  

Dawn Kacpura-Gutierrez – Century Sign Builders